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Jetpack Pug

Published on: Oct. 26, 2019 | In: | By Dean

Jetpack Pug is a game that I created in my spare time over a couple of weekends because I wanted to create a very simple game that I hadn't spend too much time on to learn what I needed to know about distributing a game once it was completed.

The game is kind of like Flappy Bird but instead playing as a bird you play as a pug with a jetpack in space. Tap the screen, press the space bar or click to make the pug thrust upwards. The pug falls with gravity. The aim of the game is to avoid the obstacles, every time you avoid an obstacle you score a point. 

At the end of the game your score is calculated and the high score is stored on the device. I might at some time figure out a way to have an online score board but that does not exist yet.

Jetpack Pug is available for Windows, Linux and Android and I'll work on a Mac OS version soon. I also have a html play in browser build that I might be able to add to this site.

Thanks for reading.