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Duality is a synthwave themed test of reflexes and memory. You control two circles as you fly through the game attempting to avoid static, moving and rotating obstacles. If you die the game rewinds, glitches and shakes as the music plays backwards, giving you one last chance to take a mental note of where the obstacles are located. Mobile Builds Will Take Some Time To Be Approved By Their Respective App Stores But Will Be Released ASAP. Follow For Updates. Features46 unique levelsOriginal synthwave soundtrackAvailable on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOSTouch screen controls for mobile…
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Jetpack Pug

Jetpack Pug is a game that I created in my spare time over a couple
of weekends because I wanted to create a very simple game that I hadn't
spend too much time on to learn what I needed to know about distributing
a game once it was completed.

The game is kind of like Flappy Bird but instead playing as a bird
you play as a pug with a jetpack in space. Tap the screen, press the
space bar or click to make the pug thrust upwards. The pug falls with
gravity. The aim of the game is to avoid the obstacles, every time you
avoid an obstacle you score a point…
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